The Santa Fe Gallery Association

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2017, the Santa Fe Gallery Association is one of the largest such organizations in the United States and the largest of any city of comparable size.

With a population of 70,000, Santa Fe is home to roughly 200 galleries, museums, and private art dealers. Comprised of nearly half of such organizations in the city, our members offer a breadth of traditional and contemporary art by established and emerging artists working in New Mexico, across the country, and around the world. The individuals who run them are known for their strong operational ethics, eyes for excellence, and deep love for their community.

SFGA is a 501c6 nonprofit business-and-professional organization primarily for owners and managers of art galleries and art museums. It is funded solely by its dues-paying members. The association fosters professional networking, supports professional standards, publicizes Santa Fe as a tourist destination for art collectors, and advocates on behalf of the art economy in government and the community.

SFGA may be best known for its annual publication, the ArtMap, a guide to all member galleries and museums, distributed each spring to member organizations, visitors’ centers, downtown hotels, and sidewalk drop-boxes.

SFGA is governed by an eight-member, volunteer board of directors and administrated by a part-time manager.

Photo credit: New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, Kitty Leaken Photography

Board Members

Timothy Harman, president

Timothy Harman is the director of the Christopher Martin Gallery, 644 Canyon Road. He is a lifelong patron and director of the arts. Timothy brings to SFGA an awarded background in media creation and a talent for recognizing mastery in a wide array of visual mediums. His curiosity about the history and energy of Northern New Mexico is a touchstone for those visiting the region and for those in the local and national fine art communities.

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Barry Ellsworth

Barry Ellsworth is the owner of Ellsworth Gallery, 215 E. Palace, which combines museum-quality Japanese antiques with contemporary painting, photography, and sculpture from around the world. A specialist in arts of the samurai, Ellsworth founded Shakudo Fine Arts in Paris. Ellsworth brings global perspective to the Santa Fe art market and since becoming a member of SFGA, has put an increased emphasis on professional development, via SFGA’s new Inside Insight roundtable discussions, and advocacy via 2016’s petition and social media campaign to stop New Mexico Senate Bill 226, a.k.a. “the art tax.”

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Stuart Ashman

Stuart Ashman is the executive director of the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 1050 Old Pecos Trail, offering art exhibitions, public programs, and a cinematheque, and hosting more than 55,000 art and movie lovers annually. Previously, Ashman served as President and CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, as well as the Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. He has also been Director of the New Mexico Museum of Art and Executive Director of Santa Fe’s Museum of Spanish Colonial Art. Much of Ashman’s career has been devoted to raising the profile the City of Santa Fe as an arts destination and creative community.

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Louis Newman

Director of Modernism at LewAllen Galleries, Louis Newman is a highly respected figure in the world of art, having performed for decades in a variety of noteworthy roles. As the owner and director of the Louis Newman Galleries in Beverly Hills for over twenty years, he was selected as a board member of the Art Dealers Association of Southern California. Louis has long been involved in numerous arts councils and associations, including serving as a board member of the Fine Arts Federation of the City of New York, which is the guiding agency for the New York City Arts Commission. In addition, Louis Newman is a member of the nationally prestigious by-invitation-only arts organization, The Century Association. Outside of the gallery, Louis Newman has proven to be a sought after guest speaker, juror, and commentator for various arts institutions, publications, and art-related lecture programs.

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Lauren Tresp,
secretary & treasurer

Lauren Tresp is the editor of THE Magazine, elevating Santa Fe’s contemporary arts and culture market for 25 years, with an emphasis on critical perspectives and informed dialogue. Tresp brings to SFGA her knowledge of the Santa Fe gallery scene, particularly with regard to new galleries, emerging artists, and trends among millennial art buyers.

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David Rettig

David Rettig is the Curator of Collections for Allan Houser Gallery, 125 Lincoln Ave., and Allan Houser Sculpture Garden, 26 Haozous Road, both of which are dedicated to the legendary American sculptor and painter, Allan Houser. Rettig has worked in Santa Fe galleries for over 40 years, was a member of the first SFGA board in 1982, and contributes his experience with Santa Fe’s ever-evolving art market to today’s organization.

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Mike Tansey

Mike Tansey is co-owner of Tansey Contemporary, 652 Canyon Road, Tansey Contemporary Sculpture Center, 619 Canyon Road, and Tansey Contemporary, Denver. Tansey is also the chairman of Art Miami, LLC, a network of seven art fairs in Florida, New York, and California.

Tansey brings to SFGA his knowledge of the art fair circuit, the ways in which it affects the Santa Fe market, and the potential opportunities for Santa Fe galleries at art fairs.

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Kate Daley, manager

Kate Daley has two decades of marketing and design experience in the arts. She brings to SFGA her solid project-management and communications skills, plus in-depth knowledge of what drives people to visit, relocate to, and do business in Santa Fe.

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