With a population of 70,000, Santa Fe is home to roughly 200 galleries, museums, and private art dealers.

Here, you’ll find an amazing breadth of art and antiquities. Seeking a suit of samurai armor? Or perhaps Native American Pop Art? Contemporary Pueblo pottery? Or classic New Mexico landscape paintings? Drypoint etchings by Edvard Munch and Pablo Picasso? Or maybe hand-blown glass? On any given day, it’s all in Santa Fe.

Here, it’s never “been there, done that” because our member galleries and museums offer rotating exhibitions and are perpetually acquiring new works.

Visitors say they come here for the same things locals live for: warm golden sunlight, inspiring broad blue skies, and adobe architecture that gives the City Different a one-of-a-kind sense of place. Lonely Planet called Santa Fe “a place that makes its own rules without ever forgetting its long and storied past. . . Santa Fe is also synonymous with contemporary chic, thanks to its thriving art market, gourmet restaurants, great museums, upscale spas, and world-class opera.”

People also come here for, well, the people. Native Americans from 23 tribes and pueblos, New Age transplants, Spanish families, second-lifers (read: retirees reinventing themselves) from both coasts, visiting and relocated filmmakers—all add up to a creative class fueling a New Mexico arts-and-cultural sector that’s larger than the construction and manufacturing industries here combined. And it makes Santa Fe a great place to be.

Photo credit: Douglas Merriam Photography, Inc.